My Route

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Sunday, 19 November 2006: Edinburgh to Aberdeen via Perth & Braemar

Day 1
We set off from Stockbridge on a sunny & frosty morning, taking the Route 1 cycleway to the Forth Bridge. I was full of the joys of cycling and kept the tempo brisk as if I were on my own touring bike, rather than on Edward's mountain bike, blissfully unaware (or stupidly ignoring Edward's advice) that such carry on can be knackering over long distances. Still, the route was lovely and we arrived in Perth two punctures shy of a maintenance-free day yet feeling good to be on the road. Evening: Pizza Express and ‘Casino Royale’ at the Picturehouse Cinema.

Day 2
Bright, sunny weather to Blairgowrie. Mixed afterwards, with heavy rain to the Spittal of Glenshee then snow on the Devil’s Elbow where road-gritters accompanied us on our ascent to the ski area. Strong crosswinds and wind chill made the downhill to Braemar a cold & sometimes scary experience. Evening meal at the Fife Arms Hotel, after significant thawing and drying out at our B&B.

Day 3
Rain, sunshine, clouds & occasional wind throughout. Left knee started to hurt early in the day & continued to get worse. I’d strained it during the summer while experimenting with jogging, and hauling myself up the Devil’s Elbow in a snowstorm no doubt helped to remind my knee why it got sore in the first place. Evening: accommodation and bike advice provided by friends of the family, Liz and Dave.

Postscript: You’ll be pleased to hear that with proper care and attention, the knee strain has not reoccurred.