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Sunday, 27 May 2007: Dover to Tunbridge Wells via Canterbury

A nice couple of days cycling through Kent, and a chance to visit my Uncle Harry who lives in Wye. The trip from Dover to Canterbury is lovely, offering Tour de France cycling-across-cornfields moments as well as hedgerows, fresh fruit and the fabulously sculptured 12th Century Norman Church of St. Nicholas in Barfreston, which made a couple of well-travelled German cyclists and I screech to a halt in wonder. Canterbury was far too full of French schoolkids being force-fed history lessons for my taste, but what an amazingly picturesque place.

The trip from Wye to Tunbridge Wells was a bit wet and chilly, despite a forecast for better things, and kind of put a damper on the fun of Oast-house conversion spotting. However, I do like a nice forest and the route through Bedgebury Forest past the Arboretum made me glad I stuck to the National Cycle Network Route 18 rather than taking tempting shortcuts. All very green and pleasant.