My Route

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Day 12: Friday, 13th July. Destination: Headwaters Motor Lodge, Boonville, New York

I don’t know at what point precisely we left the Adirondacks, but it happened sometime today. Probably heading out of Old Forge, a largish town at the Western end of the lakes, where we stopped for breakfast (two eggs, scrambled, with white toast, home-fries and coffee). On the plus side leaving was mostly descent, but I’m going to miss the pretty scenery. One more picturesque stop of note by Moose River, where we skimmed stones and watched Edward scramble easily across rocks to a mid-stream island to then get stuck on his way back. I actually wanted to join him, but was too chicken and, yes, I didn’t have a pair of who-cares-about-getting–wet tevas on my feet. One day I’ll find them…

The last 10 miles of the day were tiring for Ewa & I: perhaps the combination of a slight headwind (first we’ve really come across), plus uphill at the end of the day was enough to put the snail in our pace. So it was good to arrive in Boonville, despite joining the first major road in a good while and having to follow it out of town before arriving at our motel. Comfy enough place, though; plus the walk into town wasn’t bad at all, taking us past characterful townhouses into the faded grandeur of a rather ramshackle main street. We hung out at Chatty Cathy’s Internet Café, blogging to lounge music, before eating veggieburgers and fries at a chrome-and-red-leather banquette in Freddie’s rock’n’roll Diner. We listened to The Beatles “I Saw Her Standing There” on the jukebox, and drank chocolate milkshakes. On a note more The Omen than Happy Days, we were accompanied most of the way home by a very large and somewhat frightening black dog. Even Ewa, our resident dog-lover, was a bit ill at ease. Fortunately it got bored of us and wandered off down a darkened side street, no doubt to transform into a werewolf.