My Route

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Day 54: Friday, 24th August. Destination: Northern Hotel, Winnett, Montana

A cold and dark morning: it'd rained overnight and there was still drizzle in the air. I had to wear my fleece & rain jacket till lunchtime - an unprecedented affair. Stopped at a gas station/post office/general store half way at Sand Springs (the only service stop on the route: there's not really a whole heap of places between Wolf Point and Lewistown). Still suffering from p.p.p., I decided to check air pressure. Turned out to be 50psi, rather than the preferred 85-90. The post lady switched on her air pump for me and I had those tyres as hard as nails in seconds. Certainly beats pumping away like a madman.

Spent the rest of the day thinking about dinosaurs: it's quite easy to imagine T.Rex still roaming these lands. It warmed up in the afternoon, and the air was heavy with the scent of sage. Cycled past several ranches, and down and up several more creeks. No rattlesnakes, though I am told they're here. Winnett is a small cowboy town - there was even a rodeo set for tomorrow. Ate at the Kosy Korner cafe (at the only crossroads in town) and watched the horse trucks arrive. It would have been fun to stay and watch, but the one hotel in town is booked out for tomorrow and I feel a need to keep on moving.