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Day 55: Saturday, 25th August. Destination: Eddies Corner, 19m W of Lewiston, Montana

What are those large green bush-type things on wooden sticks? Could they be trees? And what's that jagged blue band between the near horizon and the sky? Surely not... mountains? Yes, it's come to pass: I'm finally starting to leave the flat lands. My first hill climb since the Adirondacks took me over the Judith Mountains. Not really mountainous, thought the return of my old friend the WNW wind helped to make it somewhat more than a doddle. However, I had two slices of pie from the Kosy Korner cafe to help me over (one blueberry, one rhubarb - delicious! Plus a mini-bottle of '5-Hour Energy' - E&E will remember it as the stuff that tasted like sick). The mountain ridge is covered with a band of large pine trees, and the grass is green rather than yellow.

By the way, the p.p.p. persists, so it wasn't the air pressure (although pumping did help). Maybe I need to get new tyres? The ones I've got are by now pitted with cuts, though it's hard to imagine a cut would feel like a puncture... Passed through Lewiston (my official 3/4 of the way point) to spend the night at a gas station/truck stop/24-hour-cafe/motel in the middle of nowhere called Eddie's Corner. My room had no windows and parked trucks kept their engines running outside. The TV had only 3 stations, one showing a continual advert for a 'Time Life' compilation of classic 70s & 80s Soft Rock, compered by Air Supply ("If you love soft rock as much as we do, you're in for a treat"). I couldn't help thinking of the 3 guys I know called Eddie (OK, Edward, Eddie & Ed), all lovers of rock music (is it something about the name?). You'd have loved it, I'm sure!