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Day 73: Wednesday, 12th September. Destination: Dayville Presbyterian Church, Dayville, Oregon

Today, a short ride to Dayville. Lazy start, one puncture (a thorn), and a great afternoon holed up in the town's Presbyterian Church, which doubles as a cycle hostel and has a computer room, where I'm sitting typing this, and a laundry room, where all my clothes are being washed.

Sometime in the afternoon two kids and their mum popped in to use the church's shower, and we chatted about piano playing (there was a piano in the hall) and the location of Scotland. I met them later in the evening after dinner (It was all-you-can-eat burrito & taco night at the diner). The kids were kicking a ball around outside the gas station opposite the diner and asked me to join, but I was feeling a bit tired so talked to their mum instead. The talk was of some truck that had overturned a little further along the road. We all walked back towards the church in the dusk as the kids called out to their friends. I slept on the floor of the church dais, which was kind of weird but recommended because it was carpeted and wasn't on solid ground (hence just a bit more comfortable and warm). Strange to be there on my own, and a shame to have missed out on the company of Jon, Don & Mike who stayed here last night.