My Route

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Day 59: Wednesday, 29th August. Destination: Blue Sky Motel, Lincoln, Montana

I'm in the library in Lincoln, a pretty one-street town lined by ponderosa pine and saloon bars. My bike's leaning against the hitching post outside and hopefully no rustlers will make off with it while I'm in here. Got some huckleberries in my bag (a gift from the barmaid at the Bootlegger Bar - she felt it was about time I tried them out). To be honest, I'm tired out but glad to be here. Roger's Pass (where I crossed the Continental Divide) was beautiful - all pine trees and epic mountains, and not really so tough: 8.5 miles uphill at a fairly even gradient. It was just hot and the wind picked up and there were a lot of logging trucks grinding past.

Last night in Augusta there was a certain amount of drinking at the Western Bar. A guy called Gus Wolfe, who claimed to be a world-famous wildlife photographer, kept on buying me beer. It was hard to say no. And today I found out why there's so much beer-bottle glass on the road: A guy outside the last bar before Roger's Pass (which was closed, I'm sad to say) told me that in Montana, you'll get fined $500 for littering, but $1000 for drink driving, which can be proved by having empty bottles in the vehicle. So, if you see the police coming, it's actually an incentive to throw all you bottles out of the window...