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Day 42: Sunday, 12th August. REST DAY #5: Grand Inn, Moorhead, Minnesota

So here I am in Fargo, half way across the US, a little tired due to a recent couple of days of headwind combined with heat and humidity, but otherwise feeling OK. I've cycled 2,528 miles according to my cycle computer, and 2350 according to my cycle maps. It's quite possible that the difference is the result of minor detours to find food/drink/accommodation each day - I think the reading's pretty accurate. I'm taking my first full rest day since Monroeville, Indiana, and it feels good to be off the bike for a short while. It's Sunday so the library's shut, but thankfully there's a nice café with internet where I am now, drinking café latte and feeling more urban than rural for the first time in ages. But its 12o'clock and I have a date with the local bike shop (my rear pannier rack has got a bit bent and lost a nut). Later!

…After getting my bike sorted and hanging out at the slick & contemporary (if virtually empty) Plains Art Museum, I ended up back at the internet café. Finally got a handlebar mirror that works! The helmet-mounted one I bought back in the Adirondaks just didn't do it, but this is great: no more neck-twisting to check the distance of oncoming vehicles. Also, stacked up on Clif Bars and Gü as there's not much in the way of cycle shops for some time to come.