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Day 24: Wednesday, 25th July. REST DAY #3: Cyclists Lodging, City Park, Monroeville, Indiana

Rest day; new map. Washing clothes, eating pancakes. Slept in till 8:30am! Visited the library not to blog, but to do some email and download ACA (Adventure Cycling Association) updates: the ACA maps I'm using have all kinds of essential information such as accommodation & phone numbers on the rear but of course these get out-of-date so the free updates are quite important. As is becoming the ritual on a 'new-map' day, I sat down and planned the next section, booking motels for the next week. A quiet, lonely kind of day: I never notice being alone when I'm cycling, but on a rest day it's sort of unavoidable. Perhaps that's why so many cyclists end up taking less days off. I think I'd expected some company, this being one of the few cyclist shelters on the entire coast-to-coast route, and had been looking forward to the opportunity to trade traveler's tales. As it was, in the evening the hall was used for a town meeting: they didn't seem to mind a cyclists cot set up in the corner.

As I was heading out of town the next morning, a woman from the local paper took my photo for next week's edition. Unfortunately, they don't do an internet version, but she's going to send a copy to my home address. Fame!