My Route

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Day 60: Thursday, 30th August. Destination: Blossom’s B&B, Missoula, Montana

Lovely, calm day down the valley to Missoula, which was shrouded by an LA-type smog caused by a summer's worth of fires in the National Forests of Montana and Idaho. Destination: the national headquarters of the Adventure Cycling Association, where I'd made plans to meet up with Bill and his son Tom, whom, if you recall, works there. Jim had flown back from Great Falls a few days earlier, so I missed meeting up with him one last time. Cycling through town I got my 6th puncture just across the street from the ACA office. Cause unknown.

So anyway, we all met up; I had my polaroid photo taken with Bill to go on the wall of fame beside the front door; I fixed my puncture (getting good at that) and we all headed back to Tom's for a delicious meal made by his wife Ruth. Then, we all jumped on our bikes and cycled across town to see a ball game - Missoula Ospreys vs Great Falls White Sox. Missoula is nestled in a valley between the Continental Divide and the Rocky Mountains, and the amphitheatre of seating around the baseball diamond is itself encircled by the mountains that surround the city providing a grand backdrop. Plus, there's an osprey nesting on a tree at the edge the playing field. Though I don't claim to know much about baseball (except from what I learned reading 'Peanuts' cartoons), the game was fun to watch and there was plenty of popcorn and beer. Everytime something good happened (to the Ospreys) the tannoy system blared out "We Will Rock You", and when something bad happened (to the White Sox) it played "Another One Bites The Dust". A good evening for Queen fans.

One other thing to make a fine day complete: Bill had booked me into (and paid for) a lovely B&B just across the street from Tom's, called Blossoms. A little bit of luxury after all those motels, and once again I find myself overwhelmed by the hospitality and kindness of the good people of this nation... but it doesn't stop there... (read on in Pt.2)