My Route

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Day 23: Tuesday, 24th July. Destination: Cyclists Lodging, City Park, Monroeville, Indiana

Another long, flat day with nothing much of interest to look at. Passed through places called Napoleon and Defiance, alongside the Maumee river. Endless fields of corn and soya. Passed into Indiana at the end of the day, without sign or fanfare. Just more fields and narrow roads, one of which suddenly turned into loose gravel (not so comfortable on road wheels), occasional oncoming cars kicking up white dust from miles away.

Monroeville has made its mark on the Northern Tier for us coast-to-coasters by way of a rare and rather marvelous cyclist-only hostel in the town park. Free to use, with a laundry, kitchen, shower and a TV. What a great idea! One of the wardens, Jennifer, let me in and gave me a key, and seeing as how I was the only one there, left me to make myself at home. I lazed around, read, and watched a thunder storm pass by.