My Route

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Day 9: Tuesday, 10th July. REST DAY #1: Stonehouse Motel, Ticonderoga, New York

We chose a good day for a rest: thunder and lightening storms all over North America with strong winds and high humidity. Many fingers crossed that it’ll pass by tomorrow, but no-one seems to know: could be more of the same, but if there’s a storm tonight it could bring cooler weather or at least an end to the mugginess. Despite the heat, we follow Ewa’s lead by cycling out to Ticonderoga Fort, scene of many a chapter in America’s struggle for Independence from the French and the Brits. Commanding a panoramic view over Lake Champlain, it offers an enjoyable display of fife and drumming along with a museum (oh yes, the Scots were here too, battling away in their kilts) and a lovely flower garden, where Edward & I left Ewa so we could weblog at the local Library. We spent the afternoon avoiding a thunderstorm by hanging out on the porch of the Olde Mill CafĂ©, drinking beer and eating red pepper soup.

We then moved out of the bland Super 8 into a rather more groovy stone-built motel in town. There was a power-cut and storm clouds gathered. In the gloom of the temporarily lightless living room, we met up with a long-distance cyclist called Matt who was travelling the other way, and we compared notes while I coveted his shoes: Teva-style sandals with cycle cleats on the soles. My cycle shoes have been absorbing water like sponges, yet I’ve become addicted to those cleats: it’s a good feeling, clicking your shoes onto the pedals. Efficient and purposeful. Edward seems to think its all nonsense, like energy gel, designed to part impressionable cyclists from their money, and Ewa seems quite content as she is – so I must pursue my quest for the Perfect Shoe on my own. Edward has noted, quite correctly, that I find it hard to pass a cycle shop without popping in – who knows why? I think I just like the ambience. But now, at least, I have an excuse.