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Day 17: Wednesday, 18th July. REST DAY #2: Budget Inns, Niagara Falls, New York

Breakfasted at Denny’s across the road from our Motel at the Days Inn. Annoyingly expensive considering it was just regular roadside diner fare, but there was nowhere else around. After that, we took a turn on the tourist boat Maid of the Mist, getting up close and personal with the Falls. We had fun with our blue plastic ponchos (yes, three people can fit into one) and generally acted like tourists. Afternoon spent blogging with Edward back at the Niagara Centre, where they crammed a small row of computers into what looked like a service corridor off the lift hall. Ewa had better sense and took herself on a balloon ride to look at the falls from above.

We had planned to go and see the new Harry Potter film in the evening, but film times clashed with our desire to siesta back at the motel (I wanted to lounge around with another jumbo bag of doritos and another extra-large can of beer and Ewa was content watching episodes of Star Trek: Next Generation on the SciFi Channel). But this is the last night the three of us will spend together on this trip - tomorrow I head West towards Lake Erie and E&E start the final part of their journey North through Canada to Toronto - so we dined out at the rather swanky Red Coach Inn courtesy of Philip Potter of Greenwich Massachusetts, who gave us $100 to have dinner on him. We met him back in Orford, New Hampshire at the White Goose Inn, remember? He served in Italy and the UK during World War 2, where “those scrounging Brits” left him with some fond memories. We’re happy to keep those scrounging traditions alive! Thank you, Mr Potter.