My Route

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Day 26: Friday, 27th July. Destination: Knights Inn, Rensselaer, Indiana

Overcast, humid day, and kind of tiring. Neglected to check the map before heading off and ended up cycling 30 miles before breakfast, the unwavering straight road taking a shuffle past Fletcher Lake, a picturesque little fishing & caravan place in the middle of nowhere. A little run-down, in a comfortable-old-shoe kind of way. It even had its own little hill! Pretty hungry before arriving at Ma & Pa's Diner in Royal Centre (Diversion No.2).

Out of Royal Centre it was all straight roads and fields till another little jiggle to cross the Tippecanoe river at Buffalo, where the general store owner was the first I'd met so far to be frankly unimpressed by my journey. It rained in the afternoon, but that's not so bad as it cleared the air. Straight on to Rensselear (Diversion No.3), featuring a nice looking town square with a cute independent cinema, but my place was 3 miles out of town by the Route 65 Interstate. Shame, but in recompense the Knight's Inn assistant manageress, Leia, recommended the Mexican place (Los 3 Garcia) next door to eat and it turned out to be tip-top serving veggie tostadas with guacamole and refried beans. Back at my motel, a bunch of rednecks kept me awake talking loudly till late right outside my door. All good contextual detail, I'm sure, but not when all I wanted was to get to sleep.