My Route

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Day 47: Friday, 17th August. Destination: Days Inn, Minot, North Dakota

New map next, with a return of the old format: that means I'm heading due West again after this week's long NW stretch from Fargo. Just for the record, a nice tailwind today, and one forecast for tomorrow. Not much to say about Minot, other than it rhymes with why not. As in why not visit Minot. Not the prettiest of towns, I asked the receptionist at the Days Inn Motel "If you only had one day in Minot, what would you do?"
"Get drunk."

The only other thing that happened there was my 3rd puncture, caused by a thin strip of metal somehow embedded in my room's thick pile carpet. Route watchers should note that I'm only on this map till Wolf Point, where I join the Lewis & Clark trail. But more of that anon.