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Day 56: Sunday, 26th August. Destination: Super 8, Great Falls, Montana

So here I am in Great Falls, enjoying a rest day (my first since Fargo, which seems like an age ago). Over 3/4 of the way, and feeling like I need to do something other than cycle. So it's off to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center this afternoon. The cycle from Eddie's Corner was through Judith Basin - a large area of flat land separating the Judith Mountains and the Missouri River. Had my 5th puncture, thanks to more beer bottle glass. A calm morning, but the wind picked up in the afternoon. The flat plain turned into a valley, which acted as a wind funnel. The narrow road, as it turned out, is much used by trucks so the combined effect of blustering winds and high speed 16 wheelers detracted from the otherwise unusual and pleasant landscape.

20 miles out of town, on a ferociously windy upland stretch that had me worried I couldn't keep to a straight line & I'd be hurtled into the side of a passing truck, a couple stopped and gave me an energy bar (Clif! My favourite!). 15 miles out I gave up fighting with the wind and read my book in a corner of a wheat field for 40 minutes, hoping it'd die down. It didn't. 10 miles out I stopped at the first bar I got to and drank a cool 7-Up and ate a plate of chips. Talked to a guy who makes locally brewed beer. Finally made it by 7pm. A tough 90 miles, but it's good to be here.