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Day 61: Friday, 31st August. REST DAY #7: Bel Aire Motel, Missoula, Montana

A weekend off, that's what I need. The Rockies beckon but I want to enjoy them, not struggle through them. So, after a delicious breakfast at Blossoms, I booked into a budget motel and settled down to giving my bike's chain and gears a well earned clean-up, coutesy of Tom's marvellous bike garage. On the walls a variety of racing and touring bikes, a Wilco poster, a well-stocked work bench, an espresso machine - and my bike in the middle of it, mounted on a handy supporting frame making it easy to get to all those hard-to-get-to bits. I settled down with a soon-to-be very oily rag (first of two) and Tom'n'Ruth's cat to keep me company, and a couple of hours later was proudly looking at a gleamingly clean chain and rear cassette.

After a lazy afternoon, I went out in the evening to see the lovely Liz Carlisle, a country singer from Missoula on the verge of making it big, singing at the Crystal Theatre. Good to hear some live music.