My Route

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Day 21: Sunday, 22nd July. Destination: Motel Plaza, Vermilion, Ohio

Today I trundled over the pitted and bumpy roads of suburban Cleveland, stopping off to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, a rather fine early 70's building by Marcel Breuer, unfortunately (for me) currently under extensive renovation and mostly closed. However, there was one small gallery open, showing an exhibition called Icons of American Photography. Some really stunning photographs from the dust-bowl days through to classic pictures of Yosemite, amongst many others. I arrived at the Museum as I reached the first quarter stage of my TransAmerica trip, and it seemed an appropriate way to mark the event.

Since my last post, the weather's turned for the better. Three days of clear skies and sunshine, tempered by a cool breeze coming in off the lake. My daily mileage is going up as the roads get flatter (E&E&I were averaging 55m per day, but I'm doing between 75 and 80 right now). Today’s destination is Vermillion, on the very Western outskirts of Cleveland. I can report that there is nothing in Vermillion (on my route, at any rate) except for a simple, friendly motel and a place to eat, each on either side of a wide stretch of open road.