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Monday, 24th September. Location: Ted & Lori’s Place, Portland, Oregon

Morning spent reading a book on David Lynch in my cool basement bedroom, then toasted bagels and newspapers with Ted & Lori for breakfast. Unexpected and hugely uplifting news via email that the lovely folks at the Oregon Trail Motel, Baker City have found my lost CD case with photo CDs safely inside! With a spring in my step Ted, Lori & I headed off to visit the famous Rose Garden with it's charming and lavish beds of roses and fabulous views over the City to Mount Hood, standing rather epically on the horizon. We snooped at the Japanese Gardens too, but had left it rather too late in the day. Amazing cobwebs, though, adorning the huge pine trees on the wooded walk up to it's entrance.

Drove down to Nob Hill to explore the funky and bohemian side of town. Almost bought a cute t-shirt featuring a cartoon character called Bobby (from 'Bobby's World') taking a ride on his trike, with the caption 'That's How I Roll'. But $50 dollars, dude! For a t-shirt? Lori & I popped in to the fashionable (amongst me & Lori) Trader Joe's - your neighbourhood grocery store -for snacks and supplies. T&L were out for the evening so I fixed myself some Thai noodles and watched 'Garden Sate' on their basement mini-cinema with Bang Bang the cat.