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Tuesday, 25th September. Location: Ted & Lori’s Place, Portland, Oregon

Well, all good things come to an end - but, here at least, they seem to come to an end gently with much niceness to ease the slight malaise that's settled on me since finishing my epic trip. Ted & Lori's basement guest-room is so comfy it's hard to get out of bed: I feel my early-morning routine is already slipping away. Portland's so nice, with pretty, tree-lined streets and an abundance of neat little shops and cafes to help you enjoy the streetlife. It's the kind of place a person could get used to.

Got a box for my bike from Ted & Lori’s local shop, The Bike Gallery on NE Sandy Boulevard. A friendly tech guy loosened the pedals and we took it back to the house in Lori’s car. I spent most of the day disassembling my bike and putting it away. In between, Lori & I visited the massive 'Target' store to stock up on souvenir sweeties for the office back in Brighton (and old tradition I wouldn't dare neglact), and we all had a delicious lunch together of Irish Stew with roast brussel sprouts. Drinks at a nice neighbourhood bar in the evening, then back to finish packing. My bike's all wrapped up in protective tubing, and the box has straps that hold the frame tightly in place. It's all snugly fitted in and should be fine, as long as the baggage crew aren't too casual.